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Transforming Retail And Consumer Through Innovation

TrueStart is Europe’s only retail and consumer innovation hub.

We firmly believe that to be successful investors in a sector which is changing as rapidly as retail and consumer we need to understand not just where the industry is today but how it will look, and how the consumer will behave ten years from now. So we built TrueStart, which was launched in 2014 and is our proprietarily owned innovation hub, targeted specifically at the retail and consumer sector. TrueStart invests up to £200,000 in young businesses with the potential to shape the future of the industry.

Our TrueStart investee companies are based in our physical space in Victoria, which has become a focal point for innovation and a meeting point for senior level stakeholders in our industry. Our private equity team interact daily with the entrepreneurs that are driving change in our sector, this leads to better investment decision-making and an ability to add more operational value to our portfolio companies.

We provide startups with a comprehensive network of support and a wealth of opportunity. The programme includes seed funding, access to the team’s global retail and consumer networks, mentorship, legal and accounting services, and office space.

TrueStart works with a number of blue-chip companies as strategic partners. These include:

TrueStart is overseen by True Capital’s senior management team and run operationally by experienced entrepreneurs, investors and retail specialists. The business is supported by a network of over 50 senior mentors with vast experience within the sector.

If you would like to understand more about the TrueStart concept, or if you have an opportunity which you think would be suitable for consideration please get in touch.

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