Investment Management

Want to talk about an investment opportunity? Yes Please


We firmly believe that to be the best investor in the retail and consumer space we need to understand how the sector operates across all levels of market capitalisation. As a result of this our networks will be deeper, our knowledge base strengthened and our ability to create value in our portfolio significantly enhanced.


We have built a global network of consumer and retail sector contacts. Our office is a focal point for industry stakeholders. This delivers more deal flow and more operational talent to join the management teams in our portfolio.


TrueStart, our seed fund and innovation hub, is located in our offices, meaning we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest retail innovation.


Our business and culture lives and breaths retail every single day. We have an entrepreneurial, sector specialist team which includes individuals with a breadth of skillsets and deep experience as operational executives, advisers and investors in the sector.

What We Offer


Access to our global network of retail and consumer companies, executives and experts.

Retail Expertise

Knowledge of retail and consumer businesses across the capitalisation spectrum from years of industry experience.

Financial Expertise

Financial expertise and understanding of systems, processes and controls.


The support of our team of operational executives who can help drive sustainable growth.